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How does Find a Mover work?

Find a Mover saves you time and helps you find a quality mover at the right price. Newcastle to Cairns pool table removalists, big and small are waiting to give you a quote.
  • Tell us about your move

    In less than a few minutes, tell us what you need moved, where you need it moved to and when you need it done.
  • Compare quotes from Newcastle to Cairns pool table removalists

    Newcastle to Cairns pool table removalists ranging from independent transport providers to large well known removal companies then place quotes to win your business.
  • Select your preferred mover

    You can then select a quote based on the feedback and reviews of the mover, their availability, and their quoted price.
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Why use Find a Mover?

Relocating your pool table from Newcastle to Cairns requires specialised skills and equipment, and Find a Mover connects you with professional movers who excel in this task. Our platform allows you to compare quotes from experts experienced in handling and transporting pool tables, ensuring your valuable item is moved safely and securely. 

Save time

Easily receive tailored quotes from top pool table removalists experienced in moves from Newcastle to Cairns, streamlining your decision-making process. 

Save money

Compare up to 7 quotes to find the best value for your pool table move, ensuring you get competitive pricing without compromising on quality. 

Find a quality mover

Select from our network of vetted professionals known for their expertise in moving pool tables between Newcastle and Cairns. Detailed profiles and customer reviews provide the assurance you need. 

We're a FREE Service!

Use Find a Mover’s platform to find the perfect pool table removalist for your move from Newcastle to Cairns at ZERO cost. Our service is hassle-free and completely obligation-free.
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Newcastle to Cairns removalists - how to choose

Choosing the Right Newcastle to Cairns pool table removalists

Here's how to pick the best pool table removalists:

  1. Define your needs: Size and fragility matter. Identify what you’re moving to find a specialist.
  2. Gather quotes: Use platforms like Find a Mover to compare quotes from various movers.
  3. Check credentials: Verify if movers have the right credentials, including a valid ABN and insurance.
  4. Read reviews: Customer feedback reveals a lot about reliability and service quality.
  5. Assess communication: Good movers respond quickly and clarify your doubts.
  6. Review services offered: Some moves need extra services like packing or storage. Check if your mover provides these.

Why use Find a Mover?
: We streamline the process, connecting you with vetted movers in Newcastle for a smooth move to Cairns. Compare, choose, and relax.

What our customers are saying about us

Hear from satisfied customers who have found their ideal removalist through Find a Mover

"Got 3 quotes within a day, almost instant communication, we were really happy with the chosen mover and happy with the move.We saved about $200 compare to going straight to a mover who does their own marketing."
- Yiyi Wang (Google review)
"After trying to find an available removalist through referrals from friends and companies we had used in the past, I started googling and came across Find a Mover. Within 5 minutes of posting my job I received phone calls and emails from companies looking to provide quotes. Thankfully there was a cap on the number of quotes I could receive. Reviewing the quotes on the website was really easy and the hardest part was making a choice on who we would use. The rating system and comments made th..."
- David Mew (Google review)
"Within minutes we received quotes Excellent and simple service"
- Jan McDonald (Google review)
4.7 out of 5 average rating
4.7 out of 5 average rating on Google
from over 500 customer reviews

What our customers are saying about their recent moving experiences

Hear what the customers think of their moving experience and the movers they used

Simon posted a pool table removal job and received a number of quotes. Simon selected Condran&Co Couriers for the job and left the following feedback:
"these guys were awesome! everything was completed as discussed and their communications was maintained at a very high standard. Really happy with the result! Great work guys :)"
5 out of 5

What service types can I get quotes for?

Find a Mover is built for moves of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are moving house local or interstate, moving your office or just moving a single item, Find a Mover has you covered.

Professional pool table removal services from Newcastle to Cairns

Expert pool table movers from Newcastle to Cairns

Relocating a pool table requires expertise and precision. Connect with professional pool table movers through our platform who specialise in the safe and secure transportation of pool tables across distances. Trust our experts to handle your valuable leisure equipment with the utmost care.

Safe and secure transport of pool tables

Moving a pool table between cities involves meticulous handling to ensure safety and prevent damage. Find movers in Newcastle who are equipped with specialised tools and knowledge to properly dismantle, transport, and reassemble pool tables in Cairns, ensuring every component, from the slate to the felt, is perfectly protected.

Customised relocation solutions for intercity pool table moves

Each pool table move is unique, especially when moving between cities. Our service providers offer tailored solutions that consider the specific requirements of transporting your pool table from Newcastle to Cairns, including logistics and route planning to ensure a smooth journey.

Comprehensive protection during transit

We understand the value of your pool table and offer services that provide comprehensive protection throughout the transit. This includes the use of high-quality padding, secure wrappings, and proper loading techniques to safeguard every part of your pool table during the move from Newcastle to Cairns.

Reliable setup and installation in Cairns

Upon arrival in Cairns, our pool table movers do not just unload; they provide complete installation services. This includes professional setup, precise levelling, and meticulous installation, ensuring your pool table is ready for immediate use.

Tailored services for every pool table move

Whether you're moving your pool table from a residential game room in Newcastle to a new home in Cairns, or transporting it to a commercial venue, we facilitate connections with top-rated movers who offer customised services to meet the distinct needs of your intercity move.

Newcastle to Cairns removalists services

Find the best removalists in Newcastle

Average Rating of removalists near Newcastle:
4.76 based on 379 reviews from 18 businesses
4.95 from 58 reviews

Condran&co is a family run small business that offers a variety of services including; delivery runs for businesses, hom ...
4.86 from 11 reviews

Move kings your best move yet! our services motto is to be efficient and transparent, with over 20 years of experi ...

Frequently asked questions

 Best practices for moving a heavy pool table include assembling a team of strong individuals, disassembling the table with care, and using the right equipment. Label each part during disassembly for easier reassembly. The slate should be handled very carefully. Heavy-duty dollies, trolleys, and straps should be used to transport the parts securely. If you’re not confident in your ability to move the table, consider hiring professional movers who specialise in pool tables. 
The time required for this task varies based on several factors such as the size of the table, distance to be covered, complexity of location and experience of the movers. Generally, it takes around 2 to 6 hours or even longer to move the pool table. To give you an idea, disassembling the table alone can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. Once disassembled, all the components will be packed, wrapped and transported to the new location. Finally, the table has to be reassembled and leveled. 
Moving a slate pool table without taking it apart is not recommended due to the weight and delicate nature of the table. Lifting and tilting one leg up at a time can apply unncessary weight on other legs causing damage. However, if absolutely necessary, you can try using special pool table trolleys with hydraulic lifts.
Yes, it is possible to move a pool table upstairs, but it can be a challenging and a complex process depending on the size of the table, the width and height of the staircase, the weight-bearing capacity of the stairs, and any obstacles or tight spaces that may pose difficulties. It is recommended to fully or partially disassemble the pool table, move all the components upstairs before reassembling. Hiring professional movers with experience in moving pool tables upstairs is strongly recommended to ensure the safety of the table, the movers, and the property involved.
The weight of a pool table can vary depending on its size, design, and construction materials. Here is a chart of average pool table weights.

Table Size                    Weight – Slate                Weight - Wood
6ft                                       226 KG                                 81 KG
7ft                                       317 KG                               125 KG
8ft                                       453 KG                               145 KG
9ft                                       590 KG                               204 KG
10ft                                     680 KG                               272 KG
12ft                                   1134 KG                                  N/A

It is recommended that all slate pool tables are fully disassembled before attempting the pool table moving process.
Yes, especially for complex moves that involve stairs, tight access areas or if moving highly valuable snooker, billiard, and pool tables. As professional movers have the expertise, insurance coverage, equipment and techniques to ensure safety of the pool table removal process.
Disassembling a pool table can take several hours, depending on the table and experience level.
To transport a pool table, it is best to disassemble and use a moving truck with adequate space and securing components to ensure they do not move around while in transit.
Absolutely, to ensure the playing surface is even. 
Yes, it's recommended every few years or after damage. To do this you will have to remove the ball pockets and rails.
Levelling, brushing the felt, and checking for loose components from time to time can ensure  that your pool table stays in top condition and provides you with many years of enjoyment.

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