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Find a Mover offers dedicated services for moving pool and billiards tables in Sydney, connecting you with professionals who handle these items with utmost care. Our platform facilitates easy quote comparisons from specialists in pool and billiards table removals, ensuring your valuable leisure equipment is in expert hands.

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Access quotes from top removalists in Sydney specialising in both pool and billiards tables, streamlining your decision-making process.

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Achieve the best price for moving your pool or billiards table with up to 7 competitive quotes, all without sacrificing service quality.

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Choose from vetted movers known for their expertise in transporting pool and billiards tables in Sydney. Detailed profiles and customer reviews guide your selection.

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Choosing a suitable Sydney pool table removalists

Choosing the right pool table removal company in Sydney is essential for ensuring your heavy and delicate pool table is moved safely and efficiently. Pool tables require specialised handling and expertise, so it’s important to find a reliable service provider. Here are some tips to help you choose the best pool table removal service:

  1. Check reviews and testimonials: Look for pool table movers with high ratings and positive reviews from previous clients. Client feedback can offer valuable insights into the quality and reliability of the removal company.
  2. Verify expertise and equipment: Ensure the removal company has the necessary experience and specialised equipment for moving pool tables. Skilled professionals are crucial for properly disassembling and reassembling your pool table, particularly the delicate slate pieces, to prevent damage.
  3. Confirm proper insurance: Make sure the pool table removalist has adequate insurance. This will protect your pool table from potential damages during the move and give you peace of mind.
  4. Prioritise clear communication: A good pool table removalist should be responsive and transparent about their services and pricing. Ask for a detailed cost breakdown to avoid hidden fees and ensure you understand all aspects of the service.
  5. Evaluate flexibility and support: Choose a pool table mover that can accommodate your schedule and provide comprehensive support throughout the moving process. Flexibility and customer service are key to a smooth and hassle-free move.
By following these tips, you can select a reliable pool table removal company in Sydney that meets your needs and ensures your pool table is transported with care and precision.

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"Transport provider was punctual and easy to deal with, received what was promised and will definitely use the service again."
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"After trying to find an available removalist through referrals from friends and companies we had used in the past, I started googling and came across Find a Mover. Within 5 minutes of posting my job I received phone calls and emails from companies looking to provide quotes. Thankfully there was a cap on the number of quotes I could receive. Reviewing the quotes on the website was really easy and the hardest part was making a choice on who we would use. The rating system and comments made th..."
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4.7 out of 5 average rating
4.7 out of 5 average rating on Google
from over 500 customer reviews

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Find a Mover is built for moves of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are moving house local or interstate, moving your office or just moving a single item, Find a Mover has you covered.

Pool table removal services in Sydney

Connect with trusted pool table movers in Sydney

Ensure your pool table is in expert hands by connecting with professional movers in Sydney who specialise in the meticulous handling and safe transportation of pool tables. Through our platform, you can find providers renowned for their precision and care in moving all types of billiard tables.

Secure pool table transportation

Discover skilled movers in Sydney who use specialised equipment to safely dismantle, transport, and reassemble your pool table. Whether it’s a standard or a tournament-sized table, they manage every detail to prevent any damage during the journey.

Custom pool table relocation solutions

Recognising that every pool table has unique needs, we help you access bespoke moving solutions. Our Sydney-based service caters to the specific dimensions and model of your table, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free move.

Dedicated protection throughout the move

We prioritise the safety of your pool table with comprehensive protection measures. Through our platform, choose movers in Sydney who employ robust padding and wrapping techniques that safeguard the felt, pockets, and body of your table against potential transit risks.

Expert installation and setup in your new venue

Upon reaching its new venue in Sydney, your pool table requires careful setup to ensure it's level and ready for play. Our platform offers connections to providers who not only deliver but also provide expert installation and precise levelling services.

Tailored services for every pool table need

Whether you’re refitting a local pub, setting up a new game room at home, or arranging your venue for a tournament, find Sydney’s finest pool table movers through our platform. They provide customised services to perfectly align with the requirements of your move.

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Pool table removalists Sydney and surrounding areas

You can use Find a Mover to get quotes from removalists servicing Sydney and surrounding areas, as well as removalists servicing any suburb throughout Australia.

Find removalists servicing all major regions throughout NSW

Frequently asked questions

 Ensuring a successful move for your heavy pool table involves careful preparation and the right team. Gather strong helpers and disassemble the table, labeling each piece for reassembly. Handle the slate with great care, as it is very heavy. Use heavy-duty equipment like dollies, trolleys, and straps to secure and transport the parts. For peace of mind, hiring a professional pool table moving service can ensure the table is moved safely and efficiently. 
The time required for this task varies based on several factors such as the size of the table, distance to be covered, complexity of location and experience of the movers. Generally, it takes around 2 to 6 hours or even longer to move the pool table. To give you an idea, disassembling the table alone can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. Once disassembled, all the components will be packed, wrapped and transported to the new location. Finally, the table has to be reassembled and leveled. 
Pool tables often need to be disassembled first before removal. It's recommended to hire professionals who specialise in pool table removals. They have the expertise and equipment required to safely disassemble and transport the table. These experts will carefully dismantle the table, remove the slate, legs, and other components, and pack them securely for transportation. Pool table movers can also reassemble the pool table at the new location. Hiring professionals minimises the risk of damage to the table and ensures a smooth and hassle-free removal process.
Yes, it is possible to move a pool table upstairs, but it can be a challenging and a complex process depending on the size of the table, the width and height of the staircase, the weight-bearing capacity of the stairs, and any obstacles or tight spaces that may pose difficulties. It is recommended to fully or partially disassemble the pool table, move all the components upstairs before reassembling. Hiring professional movers with experience in moving pool tables upstairs is strongly recommended to ensure the safety of the table, the movers, and the property involved.
The weight of a pool table can vary depending on its size, design, and construction materials. Here is a chart of average pool table weights.

Table Size                    Weight – Slate                Weight - Wood
6ft                                       226 KG                                 81 KG
7ft                                       317 KG                               125 KG
8ft                                       453 KG                               145 KG
9ft                                       590 KG                               204 KG
10ft                                     680 KG                               272 KG
12ft                                   1134 KG                                  N/A

It is recommended that all slate pool tables are fully disassembled before attempting the pool table moving process.
Ideally, no. Disassembling prevents damage and makes moving the pool table easier.
Yes, especially for complex moves that involve stairs, tight access areas or if moving highly valuable snooker, billiard, and pool tables. As professional movers have the expertise, insurance coverage, equipment and techniques to ensure safety of the pool table removal process.
Disassembling a pool table can take several hours, depending on the table and experience level.
Absolutely, to ensure the playing surface is even. 
Yes, especially slate tables due to the stone material. That is why disassembling before removal is best.

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Sydney is world-renowned for its stunning harbor, iconic landmarks, and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Nestled around the largest natural harbor globally, Sydney's breathtaking waterfront and coastal scenery are a magnet for both residents and tourists alike.

When it comes to moving, Sydney offers an array of options that cater to different tastes and needs. From the bustling city center with its sleek modern apartments to the serene beachside suburbs and historic inner-city neighborhoods, Sydney's property market has something for everyone.

The Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are two of the most recognized symbols of the city. But beyond these architectural marvels, Sydney's vibrant arts scene, diverse culinary offerings, and thriving business sector make it an appealing place to live and work.

Sydney's outdoor lifestyle is another significant attraction. With an extensive network of beaches, parks, and walking trails, there are ample opportunities for recreation and relaxation. Famous beaches like Bondi and Manly are not just tourist attractions but a way of life for many Sydneysiders.

The city's excellent public transport system and growing network of cycling lanes make getting around Sydney relatively easy, although traffic can be a concern in some areas. Education and healthcare facilities are top-notch, further enhancing Sydney's appeal for families and individuals alike.

However, moving in or to Sydney can be a complex task, given the city's vast geography and diverse housing options. This is where a service like Find a Mover comes in handy. Whether you're moving within Sydney or relocating from another city, Find a Mover connects you with trusted, professional removalists in Sydney. From the business-oriented CBD to the laid-back Eastern Suburbs or the culturally rich Western Sydney, we can facilitate a smooth and hassle-free moving experience tailored to your specific requirements.

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