Reviews Guidelines

All users of FIND A MOVER must conform to the following guidelines when posting or responding to a review. FIND A MOVER reserves the right to flag and reject any content found to be but not limited to unfair/inaccurate criteria ratings, fake, prohibited, illegal, sexually explicit, offensive, derogatory, off-topic or inappropriate content, defamatory, or found to be a conflict of interest.

Unfair / Inaccurate Criteria Ratings

To qualify for a review, a job must be complete and the services of the Service Provider have been rendered to the user. When leaving reviews on FIND A MOVER, users are asked to rate the Business Service Provider on 4 criteria - communication, care of goods, service as described and punctuality. The rating given for each of these 4 criteria is expected to be fair and accurate. For example, if a user is unhappy about the punctuality of a Business Service Provider, it is fair to give them a low rating for Punctuality (for example 1 out of 5 stars). However it is not fair to give them a 1 out of 5 stars for every other criteria just because the user is unhappy with the punctuality. All fair and honest reviews will be published. Reviews that are just simply 1 out of 5 stars for every single criteria will flagged and manually assessed for fairness. 

Off-topic and Inappropriate Content

Your content must be based on your overall experience with the customer service and actual services you received. It is not meant to be a forum for social commentary or personal rants. Content with overuse of capitalization and constructed to intentionally defame and manipulate ratings will be rejected.

Fake Content

Your content must be genuine and reflect your actual experience of the services that the Business Service Provider provided.

Prohibited Content

Your content must not feature any calls to action for the sale of products or services of anything. This includes links to landing pages and or email or contact phone numbers.

Offensive Content

Your content must not contain profane, offensive language or gestures that promote hate.

Derogatory Content

Your content must not threaten, harass, intimidate, bully or advocate harm on individuals or groups. Nor should it promote hatred against or incite discrimination against an individual or group based on their race, ethnic origin, religion, disability or gender.


Your content must not have any call to action or be intentionally constructed to cause harm or defame a Business Service Provider. ie DO NOT USE, SCAM, BUYER BEWARE

Conflict of Interest

Reviewed content is most valuable when it is fair, honest and unbiased. Therefore, you are restricted to reviewing your own business and posting reviews on competitors in an effort to manipulate their ratings.