FAQ for Business Service Providers

Why should I register for FIND A MOVER?

While there are many ways you could advertise your business and get extra work, it usually proves to be a costly experience to work out what works and what doesn’t. FIND A MOVER was only designed to help connect your business to laser target customers who need your help in the logistics/removals industry. So if you are looking for more work, more customers’ and something that truly works. Then register here.

Who can register?

If you are a business that services in the logistics/removal industry, you can register for an account. All you need is a valid Australian Business Number(ABN) or Australian Company Number(ACN).

How much does it cost?

It is free to add your business to the online directory, create an account and get sent job leads. However, to quote on interested jobs you will need to upgrade to a subscription service plan. You can view the subscription service plans here.

What is the quality of these Customer Leads?

FIND A MOVER was specifically designed to help connect customers to the services of a business provider in the logistics/removal industry. So every customer who lists a job on FIND A MOVER and requests quotes from business providers is extremely targeted.

What type of jobs can I expect to get?

You can expect jobs of all types from moving a single item such as a BBQ to the next suburb to packing and moving a 3 storey house interstate.

How soon can I expect job leads?

You can expect to have job leads sent directly to your email as soon as the first 10 days. If you don’t, it doesn’t mean we have forgotten about you it just means that we haven’t had a job that matches the services you provide so just keep an eye out.

How many businesses can quote on each job?

Each job can receive a maximum of 7 quotes.

Can I contact the customer directly to get more information?

Certainly, you could send them a message to request more information if you feel the need to do so. This information will be viewable to all business service providers.

What happens when my quote is accepted?

Once the customer has accepted your quote, you will be bound by your own separate terms and conditions and you will be obligated to carry out the work as you have quoted. Once the job has been completed, simply update the status to “complete” following this the customer will provide feedback or a review for your service.

What are the payment options?

We accept all major credit cards for a monthly subscription service, this will be deducted automatically each month from the card details you provide from the date of your subscription.

What if I want to try it out before a monthly subscription service?

No problems, if you happen to come across a job that you would like to quote on. Rather than upgrading to a monthly subscription service, you can pay per quote. Simply initiate contact with the customer and you’ll be prompted to upgrade your subscription service at this point you could select “one off quote.”

Can I update my profile?

Once you have registered for an account, you can log into to your account and update your business profile settings under “profile.”

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you feel at anytime that you no longer need your subscription service, simply log into your account go to Settings > Subscription Service > Cancel Subscription and fill out the required information.