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How does Find a Mover work?

Find a Mover helps you connect with multiple rubbish removal companies in one place who can provide you with a quote for your junk removal. It's a perfect solution for people who dread calling around multiple companies having to explain their job numerous time to get a quote.
  • List your rubbish removal job

    Describe your rubbish or even snap a photo
  • Compare quotes from rubbish removalists

    Rubbish removal companies ranging from independant providers to large well known removal companies then place quotes to win your business
  • Pick a rubbish mover

    Compare your list of quotes, check the rubbish removalists reviews and select one that's right for you
  • Leave a Review

    Help out the community by leaving a review of your experience.
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How do I choose good rubbish removals service?

Choosing a good rubbish removal service is essential to ensure efficient and responsible disposal of waste. Here’s how you can ensure you are making a good choice:

  1. Seek recommendations from friends, family, or neighbors who have recently had their rubbish removals done. Their personal experiences can provide valuable insights and help you make an informed decision.
  2. Verify that the rubbish removal company is licensed and holds the necessary certifications to handle and dispose of waste properly. This ensures compliance with local regulations and environmental standards.
  3. Research the junk removal company's reputation by checking online reviews and testimonials from previous customers. Look for positive feedback regarding their professionalism, reliability, and the quality of their services.
  4. Look for a junk removal service that prioritises recycling and sustainability. Inquire about their recycling policies and how they dispose of waste in an environmentally responsible manner.
  5. Remember to get several rubbish removal quotes to compare different rubbish removal services, a good rubbish removalist should be able to offer a transparent breakdown of costs. 
Choosing a suitable rubbish removalist through Find a Mover has never been easier. Learn how to find rubbish removalists near me.

Why use Find a Mover?

We can help you find the right rubbish remover. You can find local professional rubbish removals within a matter of minutes with our easy-to-use platform. With all the information you need about each of them, Find A Mover makes it easy to compare quotes without ever having to ring around.

Save Time

Don't waste time chasing down quotes and ringing around. Companies will come to your door.

Save Money

Comparing multiple quotes will ensure you are getting the best price.

Find a Quality Mover

By reading the feedback from others, you can be sure that you'll find a great rubbish removalist for what you need cleared.

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What our customers are saying about us

Hear from satisfied customers who have found their ideal removalist through Find a Mover

“This site was helpful quote quotes back quickly and the eastern suburbs rubbish removal team that I hired was very helpful. I had a big clean out and didn't want my furniture going to landfill. Their no landfill policy was a great idea. Mick was very nice to talk to on the phone. He was very thorough and explained all details. The pick-up took place the next morning at 7 a.m. They were efficient and friendly, and loaded everything quickly. They are highly recommended.”
─ Aimee (Google review)
“This is a great site to get rubbish removal quotes. The service was professional and cost-effective, I got 3 quotes back from several rubbish removalist. Booked one of them and from the initial contact through to the actual pickup was great. They are a great company to recommend. They have a very sustainable approach and a great cause. They were on time, clean, and completed the job in a very short time.”
─ Aisha (Google review)
“Worked really well for me. I had 3 quotes and selected a rubbish guy that was professional and efficient from the moment I contacted him to the time of my pick-up. They are highly recommended. Their sustainable approach is what I love the most. They also have a great mission of being sustainable and less in landfills. They were prompt, efficient, clean, and on-time.”
─ Bernadette (Google review)
4.7 out of 5 average rating on Google
from over 400 customer reviews

What our customers are saying about their recent moving experiences

Hear what the customers think of their moving experience and the movers they used

What service types can I get quotes for?

We offer more than just Rubbish Removal around the Gold Coast. Getting quotes shouldn't be that hard so Find a Mover can also assist in quotes for furniture removals, interstate removals, and piano removals and much much more.

Rubbish removals and junk removal services

Junk removals

Australian’s account for 13.8 million tonnes of junk annually. Junk removals play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and proper waste disposal in our communities. Hiring a junk removal service is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your household and commercial waste including old furniture, mattresses, faulty white goods and electronics(E-Waste). We’ve got a local rubbish removals service near you to help you out with your general clutter.

Construction waste

Construction waste is generated during construction, renovation and demolition phase. Our network of rubbish removal companies can help manage and dispose of various types of construction waste, making the process more efficient and environmentally friendly. They can dispose concrete and left over drywall and plasterboard, repurpose bricks, remove wood and timber, and recycle glass and scrap metal.

Green waste removal

If you have green waste from your garden, such as leaves, branches, grass clippings, or small tree stumps, a rubbish mover can collect and dispose of it for you in one go with their rubbish removal truck saving you time and effort disposing it bit by bit through the council green collection days.

Rubbish removalists near me

Our rubbish removalists near you are committed to reducing landfill waste by sorting through the junk and provide proper disposal for batteries, light bulbs, or e-waste and recycling as much paper, cardboard, glass, and certain plastics as possible. They can even drop off your donated items to local charities, giving them a new lease on life while supporting your community. Find a junk removals or rubbish removals service in a city near you.

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If you have need moving services after your cleanup. We can help with local removalists and interstate removalists throughout Australia.

 removalists services

Frequently asked questions

A rubbish removal service is a professional company that specialises in the removal and disposal of various types of waste materials. They provide convenient and efficient solutions for getting rid of unwanted items, debris, or rubbish from residential, commercial, or construction sites. Whether you have household junk, garden waste, construction debris, or old furniture, a rubbish removal service can handle the collection, loading, and disposal of your waste.
A rubbish removal service can handle a wide range of waste materials, including household junk, old furniture, appliances, green waste, construction and, electronic waste, and more. They have the expertise and equipment to safely and responsibly remove various types of waste, making the process hassle-free for you.
Getting quotes for a rubbish removal service is easy. Upload a photo and description of your junk and rubbish removalists will provide you with quotes. You can then contact the rubbish removal company of your choice who will assist you in scheduling a convenient pickup time that fits your schedule.
The average cost of junk removal services can vary from $100 - $700 per load and it all depends on the volume and type of waste, accessibility, and your location. Rubbish removal companies typically provide estimates or quotes based on these factors. You can get a better estimate on Find a Mover from several rubbish removalists.
Depending on the rubbish removalists, you may be required to prepare or sort your rubbish before their arrival. This could involve separating recyclables, bagging loose items, or dismantling bulky items. Check with the rubbish removal company beforehand for any specific instructions they may have regarding preparation or sorting.
The availability and pickup timeframes of rubbish removal services may vary. Many companies offer same-day or next-day service, while others may require a few days' notice. Contact the junk removals service to discuss your needs and inquire about their availability and pickup timelines.
After the rubbish is collected, the rubbish removalists will strive to handle waste in an environmentally friendly manner. They will transport the waste to appropriate facilities for sorting, recycling, or disposal in accordance with local regulations. This helps ensure proper waste management and minimises waste ending up in landfill and impacting the environment.
Yes, many rubbish removal companies are equipped to handle large-scale cleanouts or renovations. They can efficiently remove significant amounts of waste, such as construction debris, bulky items, and other materials generated during renovation or remodeling projects. Contact the rubbish removal service to discuss your specific needs and they will provide suitable solutions.

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